CAT Adjuster, Catastrophe Adjuster

by Guy Grand

What is VAS?

Veteran Adjusting School is a vocational school, training Catastrophe Insurance Adjusters; where hardworking and dedicated applicants learn the skills to become successful property field adjusters. VAS is partnered with over 30 IA Firms and Insurance Agencies to assist graduates obtain employment as Catastrophe (CAT) Adjusters, Day Claim Adjusters, Staff Adjusters, and Inside Adjusters.


Since VAS maintains a 98% job placement rate in the insurance industry, VAS students can be working immediately upon graduation.


What is a Catastrophe Insurance Adjuster?

Catastrophe (CAT) Adjusters are a special type of adjuster that is contracted and deployed to large events that cause sudden and extreme damage (hurricane, wildfire, hail storm, flood, etc.). These field adjusters typically spend weeks to months at a time in the affected region inspecting and estimating how much compensation the insured homeowners are entitled to within their policy.


Why Should I Seek a Career as a Catastrophe Adjuster?

  • High Earning Potential – Most CAT adjusters are paid per claim closed. This allows for a very high earning potential. CAT adjusters typically average between $70k & $100k in 6 to 9 months during the storm season.
  • Self-Employment – As a CAT adjuster you are independently contracted by insurance agencies and are your own boss.
  • Helping People In Need – For many affected by disastrous events, insurance compensation is vital and one of the first steps toward rebuilding. Being a catastrophe insurance adjuster is like being a financial first responder, helping assess damage and getting claims filed for victims
  • Vacation Time – CAT adjusters typically only work 6-9 months a year. This means that they can enjoy 3-6 months of vacation time.
  • Recession ProofDue to the frequency of natural disasters in the USA, catastrophic claims adjusting is recession proof. Winter storms, spring tornados, hailstorms, wildfires, hurricanes, and earthquakes; America has it all. Keeping claim adjusters busy year round.


Can I Attend VAS if I am not a Military Veteran?

Yes, anyone can apply to VAS. But, CAT adjusting is not for everyone; it takes quality work ethic, organizational skills, dedication, and self-motivation in order to be successful in the field. That is why Veterans are ideal candidates for the VAS program. Most Veterans develop these very traits while training and serving in the armed forces. We are approved by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to accept your 9/11 GI Bill ® benefits. Contact us for more information……

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