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Catastrophe Adjusting School

Catastrophe Adjusting School

Have you heard of CAT adjusting and are now looking for the right catastrophe adjusting school? Then you should consider (VAS) or Veteran Adjusting School. VAS is a catastrophic insurance adjusting trade school that has 98% job placement in the CAT adjusting industry.

Why Does VAS Have High Job Placement?

Veteran Adjusting School is able to find work for their graduates because of the partnerships they have created with almost 20 insurance agencies and independent firms. VAS has been able to create these partnerships because of the high level of training the VAS program provides the student. A VAS graduate carries weight in the insurance adjusting industry and is highly sought after.

Veteran Adjusting School

VAS provides a fully comprehensive 6-week curriculum that has the student ready to run claims on day one of graduation. After graduating from VAS, the student will be able to:

Investigate claims – perform inspections of the damaged property and help determine the appropriate compensation that the customer is entitled to under their policy.

Evaluate – gather information, statements, pictures, etc. to evaluate the compensation into a comprehensive report.

VAS Courses

The VAS course curriculum is presented in the form of:

Interactive lectures

  • Problem solving
  • Audio and visual aids
  • Demonstrations
  • Field assignments
  • Labs
  • Student participation
  • Homework


In order to be successful in the CAT adjusting industry, it takes a certain type of person. An adjuster must be hard-working, dedicated, self-motivated, and organized in order to have success in the field. That is why VAS only accepts students that have these qualities.

CAT adjusting can be rewarding but isn’t for everyone and classes are limited. Do you have what it takes?

Veteran Adjusting School graduate - Sean Odenwald

By Guy Grand

Claims Adjuster Salary

Claims Adjuster Salary

The answer to the question, “What is a claims adjuster salary?” depends on what type of insurance claims adjuster you are talking about. A career staff claim adjuster who works directly for an insurance agency will typically average between $35,000-$70,000.

However, an independent (CAT) catastrophic insurance claims adjuster that is contracted by an IA can make $100,000 in 6-9 months during the storm season. A common phrase among CAT adjusters is “Make 6 figures in 6 months.” The reason why a catastrophic insurance claims adjuster salary is so high is because an independent CAT adjuster earns money based on the number of claims they are able to close.

What’s CAT Adjusting?

A catastrophic insurance claims adjuster is sent into catastrophic events (hurricane, hail storm, wildfire, etc.) to assess the damages for insurance agencies to see how much money the customer is entitled to under their policy. They are deployed to the affected region and will go from house to house helping the homeowners receive the money that they so desperately need after the storm has hit.

Although CAT adjusting requires more of a commitment to the job, a catastrophic insurance claims adjuster will have the skills set to perform the job functions of both CAT adjusting and career staff claims adjusting.

Where Can I Find Claims Adjuster Training?

(VAS) Veteran Adjusting School specializes in training CAT adjusters. With a 100% graduation rate and over 95% job placement rate, VAS has the top training in the field.

Insurance agencies do not hire new adjusters. They either train them in-house or hire adjusters with 2 years experience or more. With that being said, there are not many spots available for in-house training. VAS has 15 IA partners (and growing) that believe so much in VAS graduates that they will hire them right out of school.

Train For Success

VAS gives you the tools you need to be successful. The reason VAS turns out so many successful adjusters is that they are not looking for students, they are looking for commitment. Catastrophic adjusting isn’t easy by any means. You must be organized, self-motivated, hardworking, and dedicated in order to succeed in the field. So, the answer to the question, “What is a claims adjuster salary?” depends on what type, and how hard you are willing to work. Do you have what it takes?

By Guy Grand

Claims Adjuster Training

Claims Adjuster Training

Are you seeking a rewarding career as an insurance claims adjuster? Then you are probably looking for the best claims adjuster training program. Where can you find the right school that will have you licensed, trained, and provide job assistance post-graduation?

(VAS) Veteran Adjusting School

With 100% graduation rate and over 96% job placement rate, VAS provides a comprehensive course that fully prepares the student for a successful career in claims adjusting. The 6-week claims adjuster training course includes:


  • 30 Adjuster Subjects Taught
  • 40 Real World Claims
  • Xactimate Level 2 Training
  • Mentorship Through & Even After Graduation
  • In-the-field Adjuster Training
  • Laptop & Tools
  • And More


There are several types of claims adjusting. A VAS graduate will be prepared for any one of these positions. However, Veteran Adjusting School focuses mainly on catastrophic insurance claims adjusting as it has the highest earning potential.  A typical catastrophic insurance adjuster can average 6 figures in 6 months during the storm season.

CAT Adjusting

A catastrophe adjuster will go into storm affected areas after a catastrophic event (like a hurricane, wildfire, hail storm, etc.) and estimate how much compensation the insured customer is entitled to under their policy. They are typically deployed to the storm region for weeks to months at a time as they assess the damages for the victims.


CAT adjusters are self-employed and contracted by agencies to estimate damages for their customers. Since they are paid per claim, the earning potential is very high for hard-working adjusters. Although it is a high paying career, CAT adjusting is not for everyone. A successful catastrophic insurance claims adjuster will be dedicated, organized, hardworking, and self-motivated. Do You have what it takes?  


Catastrophe Adjusting School
Veteran Adjusting School graduate - Sean Odenwald
Claims Adjuster Salary
Claims Adjuster Training