Our Founder's Story

Guy has been a CAT Adjuster since 2002 and like many other adjusters came from a varied background – starting his first business at the age of 21, Guy has been a serial entrepreneur most of his life.

In 2001 he met a man who told him that he should be a Catastrophic Insurance Adjuster. “Why in the heck would I want to do that?” Because you can make six figures in six months, was the answer.

Guy got his home state license, took many training courses, and tried to find a job with an IA firm. He was lucky though – because in those days – there was still a “good ole boy” network and his friend opened the door to adjusting for him.

While on the road between 2002 and 2011, Guy trained and mentored seven other adjusters who are profitably working in the Insurance Adjusting industry.

On one long drive across the USA in 2011, Guy heard of the plight that returning Veterans were having finding new jobs after their deployment overseas and decided to help. In 2012 he co-founded Veteran Adjusting School.

VAS now has over 40 partners that hire our students directly upon graduation.

VAS has a 95% job placement rate.

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Are You Self-Motivated?

Training for, launching, and building a successful new career as an independent CAT adjuster is going to put your vision, passion, and resolve to the test…and reward you like never before for being self-motivated.

Are You Highly Organized?

Organization is one of the most important aspects of being a successful insurance adjuster. Bridging the demands of post-catastrophe client and site requirements and the exacting claim writing and filing process your IA firm will be expecting will test your powers of organization to the max.

Are You Hard Working?

While it is true that as your experience grows, most CAT adjusters can make a year’s wage working just 6-8 months a year, but when you are out on storm — those long days are going to put your work ethic to the test!

Are You Dedicated?

At the heart of every key decision along your journey to becoming a successful new CAT adjuster, like who to train with, how to get deployed, where to find support during your first deployments, etc., the depth of your dedication to this career path will be tested and, if found strong, rewarded!

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