By Guy Grand


5 Reasons Construction Professionals Like You Should Consider Catastrophic Insurance Adjusting as a New Career

There is a little-known niche market in the insurance adjusting business called catastrophic insurance adjusting. What many carpenters and construction professionals don’t know is how well suited they are to this rewarding career.


5 Reasons You Should Consider Catastrophic Insurance Adjusting

1. Let’s start with Six Figures in Six Months.

A Catastrophe (CAT) adjuster’s income is derived solely by their work product and the amount of natural catastrophes that happen per year. The national average for insurance adjusters in general, is $58,000 per year. However, Catastrophe Adjusters make much more in a shorter amount of time. Why? Because CAT adjusters are the first responders after a catastrophic event and as such are paid much more for their work product. Not everybody is cut out for CAT adjusting but with the proper training and mentorship almost anyone who wants this exciting career can have it.

2. Construction Professionals already possess much of the background knowledge and skills to be successful CAT adjusters.
You don’t need a college degree. All you need is your high school equivalent and your dedication and desire, to have a rewarding career. A good Insurance Claims Adjuster must know how to explain in writing, what damage they saw and why their estimate for repairs includes what it does. Anyone who can write a complete sentence can be taught the proper way to do that. But what construction proffessionals have that others don’t is an intimate knowledge of bulting and construction methods.  They require much less training to understand the terminology of the industry.
3. Working as a CAT adjuster gives you time to spend with your friends and family.
Storm season usually hits around the end of March and runs through October or November. Some years you can be out for that amount of time, other years you will go on a storm deployment for a few weeks then be home for a few weeks and then back out again. As an independent catastrophic insurance adjuster You Are Your Own Boss and you decide when and where you go and for how long. It’s typical that a CAT adjuster will have anywhere from five to seven months off per year, giving you plenty of time to enjoy whatever it is you enjoy most.
4. Catastrophic Insurance Adjusting is a challenging job, but the reward of helping others in need is priceless.
You will travel all over the country helping people get their lives back in order after a storm event. You will meet the richest of the rich and poorest of the poor in towns all over the country. And in every case you will be the person who is there to help.
5. With the mentorship and training offered by Veteran Adjusting School, you will be Job Ready from Day One!
Veteran Adjusting School is the first and only licensed post secondary vocational school specifically designed to take you from “What is a CAT adjuster” all the way through your first storm deployment. We have partnering adjusting firms willing to waive their 2-4 year work experience for our graduates.
If the economy has set you back and you are looking for additional in person or online vocational training you owe it to yourself to explore becoming a VAS-Trained adjuster. Our partners are waiting for you.
To learn more about getting into this industry and to find out if it would be a good fit for you Click the link below to hear from someone on our outreach team.