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veterans-tuition-assistanceTuition Assistance Program For Veterans

In honor of our military veterans, the Dept. of Veteran Affairs provides tuition assistance under the 9/11 GI Bill ® to schools that meet the stringent academic criteria. Veterans from all over the country are encouraged to take advantage of these schools and training programs to find positive and rewarding employment post-service.

(VAS) Veteran Adjusting School

One of these programs is Veteran Adjusting School. VAS was founded with the specific purpose of training our veterans to become (CAT) catastrophic insurance adjusters. CAT adjusters have an extremely high earning potential in a career field that also helps people that have recently suffered a loss. A common phrase used among catastrophic insurance adjusters is, “make 6 figures in 6 months.” However, the income can range between $70,000 – $100,000 in 6-9 months during the storm season.

What Is CAT Adjusting?

Catastrophic adjusters are deployed to regions that have been affected by severe storms and catastrophic events (i.e. hurricane, hail storm, wildfire). As independent contractors for insurance agencies, a CAT adjuster will assess the damages that have incurred to customers, and evaluate how much compensation they are entitled to under their homeowners policy.

Why Is CAT Adjusting Perfect For Veterans

It takes a unique individual to be able to be successful in the catastrophe adjusting field. A successful CAT adjuster must display characteristics that are typically ingrained into veterans during military service. A CAT adjuster must be hard-working, organized, dedicated, and self-motivated in order to excel in the catastrophe insurance adjusting field.

VAS – The Best CAT Training For Vets

Besides being VA approved for tuition assistance, VAS has a very comprehensive 6-week training program that has vets ready to start running claims for insurance agencies immediately upon graduation.

VAS also has a 100% graduation rate and over 95% job placement rate. The reason VAS has such great job placement assistance is because of the high level of training the students receive at the school. VAS Insurance Partners hire graduates immediately upon graduation knowing that their skills are equal to 2 years work experience.

CAT adjuster have a lucrative and rewarding career helping people in need. Do you have what it takes?

Veteran Adjusting School - Tuition assistance for veterans

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Tuition Assistance Program For Veterans