by Guy Grand

The Best Career for Veterans

Veterans are hardworking, organized, and have experience functioning in adverse conditions while maintaining a steadfast work ethic. So how does a vet turn these advantageous characteristics into a career with the potential to earn an income of 6 figures? 


CAT Adjusting For Veterans

Catastrophic insurance adjusting is a career that is perfectly suited to Veterans of the United States Armed Forces. A CAT adjuster is an independent contractor that is deployed to natural disasters in order to inspect damaged houses for insurance agencies. 


After a natural catastrophe occurs (like hurricanes, hail storms, wildfire, etc.), insurance adjusters assist homeowners by investigating their insurance claims and expediting compensation.


How Much Does A CAT Adjuster Make?

The expected income of a CAT adjuster can vary based on the weather, amount of claims received, and personal work ethic. However, a common phrase in the industry is “make 6 figures in 6-9 months.” This is feasible for a hardworking and motivated Insurance Adjuster. 


Other Advantages To CAT Adjusting

Time Off

Catastrophe deployment is typically during a 6-9 month period referred to as Storm Season. The remainder of the year leaves plenty of vacation time for an Insurance Adjuster to enjoy the fruits of their labor.


Helping people in need 

When a natural disaster strikes, those affected need compensation that is specified in their homeowner’s policy. You can be there to assist them in receiving the compensation they desperately need to begin reassembling their lives. No sales, just helping those in need get back on their feet.


Self Employed

Catastrophic insurance adjusters are independent contractors. They act as representatives for insurance agencies, but work for themselves. They can choose which deployments to take and what hours they want to work. 


Where Can a Vet Get VA Assisted Training?

Veteran Adjusting School (VAS) is approved to accept VA educational benefits (GI Bill ®) to train veterans in this well-suited career.  VAS has instructors with decades of field, management, and teaching experience who provide hands-on training with storm simulations. This allows the student to practice claim adjusting in a real-world situation with the guidance of experienced instructors. 


VAS has a 98% graduation rate and a 95% job placement rate, with over 35 hiring partners in the insurance industry. As well as a mentorship program that extends beyond graduation. VAS supports students throughout their entire careers. Giving students the tools and skills they need to excel in a growing industry.


CAT adjusting is not for everyone. Do you have what it takes? Click on the link below and see if this is the right career for you.

Veteran Adjusting School - Catastrophic Insurance Claims Adjuster Training
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The Best Career for Veterans