By Guy Grand

Insurance Claims Adjuster School

Insurance Claims Adjuster School

What are you looking for in an insurance claims adjuster school? Would you be interested in a program that has over 95% job placement? How about a course whose graduates average between $70k-$100k in 6-9 months? Then you’re looking for VAS.


VAS or Veteran Adjusting School is a 6-week course that is so thorough and comprehensive that it has partnered with independent agencies and insurance companies to hire VAS graduates right out of school. VAS has spent years building a reputation for turning out high-quality adjusters; helping them forge close partnerships in the industry.

Why Is VAS So Successful?

Insurance claims adjuster school, VAS has a course curriculum that combines interactive and traditional learning methods to provide the best possible education for their students. One of these methods provides a hands-on real-world storm simulation where the students are able to perform inspections under the guidance of teachers and mentors.

CAT Adjusting

VAS trains their students for CAT or catastrophe adjusting. CAT adjusters are independent contractors that are deployed to a flood, hail storm, hurricane or other catastrophic events to perform inspections for insurance agencies. They will estimate how much the insurance customer is entitled to under their policy in order to get the compensation they need.

Catastrophe adjusters are paid per claim closed which is why there is such a high earning potential for hard working adjusters. As a matter of fact, a common phrase among CAT adjusters is, “Make 6 figures in 6 months.” Along with the pay comes plenty of time off as CAT adjusters typically only work 6 – 9 months during the storm season.


Despite the high pay, this career field can be physically and mentally demanding. CAT adjusters work long days and long weeks. One of the reasons that VAS is so successful is because they aren’t looking for students, they are looking for commitment. In order to be successful in the catastrophe adjusting field, you must be organized, hard working, self-motivated, and dedicated. These are the qualities that make a good adjuster and these are the qualities that insurance claims adjuster school VAS is looking for in a student.

CAT adjusting isn’t for everyone. Do you have what it takes?