By Guy Grand

Catastrophe Adjusting Trade School

Catastrophe Adjusting Trade School

Are you looking for the right catastrophe adjusting trade school that will have you working when you graduate? Then you might want to consider (VAS) Veteran Adjusting School. VAS is a vocational school for catastrophe adjusting with a 98% job placement rate in the insurance industry.

VAS – Catastrophe Adjusting Trade School

Veteran Adjusting School uses traditional and experiential learning modalities to give their student a full understanding of the catastrophic insurance adjusting industry. This includes a “storm week” where the students perform inspections under the guidance of teachers and mentors. The classes are presented in the form of:

  • Interactive lectures
  • Problem solving
  • Audio and visual aids
  • Demonstrations
  • Field Assignments
  • Labs
  • Student Participation
  • Homework

VAS Partners

VAS has such a high job placement rate because of their partnership with almost 20 insurance agencies and independent firms to hire VAS graduates right out of school. The partnerships were able to be formed because of two main reasons:

  1. Top training – the 6-week training program at VAS is so comprehensive and thorough that the student will be ready to run quality claims on day one of graduation.
  2. Quality students – in order to succeed in the catastrophe adjusting industry, they must be hard-working, organized, self-motivated, and dedicated. That is why VAS looks for these characteristics in their students.

VAS Mentorship Program

Veteran Adjusting School provides knowledgeable and experienced mentors to help their students. The mentors are there to help the student in school and into the field after graduation. This can be extremely helpful on the first few claims.


When a graduate has a VAS-TRAINED certification, they are heavily sought after in the insurance adjusting industry. This is because of the quality and consistency of inspections. The high caliber of work is appreciated by insurance agencies and independent firms.

A career in catastrophe adjusting can be rewarding, but it isn’t for everyone. Do you have what it takes?