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Are you dissatisfied with your job and looking for a new career? Interested in a job where you are your own boss and you can earn $70k – $100k in 6 – 9 months? There is a career out there that does all this and you get to help people in need. Maybe it’s time for you to start a new career as a CAT adjuster. CAT adjusting is a virtually hidden career that is very rewarding for hard-working individuals.

What Is CAT Adjusting?

When a catastrophic event (hurricane, hailstorm, flood, wildfire, etc.) affects insurance policyholders, insurance companies will contract independent CAT adjusters to assess how much compensation the insured customers in the region are entitled to under their policy.  The CAT adjuster will spend weeks to months at a time at the storm event performing inspections.

An independent catastrophe adjuster is paid per claim closed. This is why a motivated adjuster can have a very high earning potential. Despite the high pay, in order to succeed in the CAT adjusting field, you must be organized, self-motivated, hardworking, and dedicated to providing high-quality work product for the insured customers as well as the insurance agencies that you represent.

class1Where To Get Certifications & Training?

(VAS) Veteran Adjusting School is a vocational trade school training students a catastrophe insurance adjusters. VAS has an outstanding track record of 100% graduation rate and over 95% job placement. The keys to Veteran Adjusting School’s success is dedicated students & teachers, an intense 6-week hands-on program, and 18 wonderful IA partners that hire VAS graduates right out of school.

The reason Veteran Adjusting School partners are so willing to hire VAS students is because of their consistent track record of turning out high-quality insurance adjusters. The VAS program is so thorough that their students are ready to start adjusting from day 1 of graduation. VAS also has an extensive mentorship program that extends beyond graduation to help new adjusters through their first claims.

CAT adjusting is a very rewarding career, but it isn’t for everyone. Do you have what it takes?

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