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by Guy Grand

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Are you looking for the right insurance adjuster school for you? Would you be interested in a 6-week claims adjuster training program that has over 95% job placement in the insurance adjusting field? Then you might want to check out Veteran Adjusting School.

Real World Simulation

(VAS) Veteran Adjusting School is the go-to insurance adjuster school with hands-on, real-world inspection simulations that give the student the insight into what it will be like running claims in the field. With the help of teachers and mentors, the VAS student is able to go through the process and work through any problems that may arise in the field.

VAS Mentorship

The VAS mentorship program even extends to after graduation. VAS grads are able to rely on help from their mentors when they are actually deployed in order to assure the top quality work product that will keep the students in good standing with the agencies and firms that contract them.  

VAS Partners

VAS has a network of insurance agencies and independent firms that seek VAS trained students right out of graduation. They have been able to build these relationships because the insurance adjuster school has consistently turned out top-notch adjusters that yield the highest work product.

CAT Adjuster Training

As an insurance adjuster school, VAS focuses on catastrophic insurance adjuster training because it is the most comprehensive and rewarding. Some of the benefits to a career in CAT adjusting include:

  • High earning potential – CAT adjusters average between $70k – $100k in 6 – 9 months.
  • Self-employed – CAT adjusters are contracted by insurance agencies and independent firms. This gives them the freedom to make their own hours.  
  • Helping people – CAT adjusters are able to help people get the compensation they desperately need in order to put their lives back together.
  • Job security – Catastrophe adjusting is recession proof. The United States has more natural disasters than any other country. The need for CAT adjusters is always high.

What Is CAT Adjusting?

Catastrophe or CAT adjusters are deployed to catastrophic events (hurricane, flood, wild-fire, hail storm, etc.). They will spend weeks to months at a time in the affected region performing inspections for the insurance customers. They will assess how much compensation they are entitled to under their policy based on the damages incurred.  

Commitment To Quality

One of the reasons that VAS is so successful as an insurance adjuster school is because they are not looking for students, they are looking for a commitment. In order to be successful in the field, an adjuster must be self-motivated, organized, hard-working, and dedicated. These are the qualities that VAS looks for in a student. CAT adjusting is a rewarding career, but it isn’t for everyone. Do you have what it takes?

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