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by Guy Grand

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Discover Your New Career In CAT Adjusting

Are you a hard worker looking for the right career, but don’t know where to start? Do you want to have a 6 figure earning potential in a job industry that is recession proof? Then you might want to discover your new career in CAT Adjusting.

What Is CAT Adjusting?

After a catastrophic event (hailstorm, hurricane, wildfire, etc.) affects a region, insurance agencies and independent firms deploy CAT adjusters throughout the area. Adjusters are independently contracted to perform inspections on behalf of the firms and carriers to determine how much compensation the policy-holder is entitled to under their policy.

Benefits To CAT Adjusting

CAT adjusting is not a well-known career, but has some major upsides. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Self-Employed – Insurance agencies and independent firms contract CAT adjusters making them self-employed
  • High Earning Potential – CAT adjusters are paid per claim closed and average between $70k – $100k.
  • Work 6 – 9 Months – CAT adjusters typically work 6 – 9 months during the storm season leaving plenty of vacation time.
  • Recession Proof – There is always a demand for CAT adjusters in America.
  • Helping People – CAT adjusters are able to help people get the compensation they need in their time of crisis in order to put their lives back together.

CAT Adjusting School

So where do you find the right training for this amazing career? (VAS) Veteran Adjusting School is a fully comprehensive CAT adjuster training program that has the student ready to run claims on day one of graduation. In fact, VAS has a reputation for turning out such a high-quality adjuster that they have over 20 insurance partners that hire VAS graduates. That is why VAS has a 98% job placement rate.


CAT adjusting requires hard work, dedication, self-motivation, and organization in order to have success in the field. That is why VAS only accepts students that have these characteristics.


CAT adjusting isn’t for everyone and class size is limited. Do you have what it takes?

Veteran Adjusting School - Catastrophic Insurance Claims Adjuster Training

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Discover Your New Career In CAT Adjusting