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Claims Adjuster Salary

When insurance customers file a claim, an insurance agency will send out an adjuster to inspect and report the damage in order to get their customers the compensation they are entitled to under their policy. However, a claims adjuster salary can depend on the type of working he is performing and his position with his employer.

Staff Claims Adjuster Salary – A staff claims adjuster will work directly for the insurance agency and typically averages between $50k – $70k a year. Insurance agencies generally require 2 years experience making the industry difficult to break into.

CAT Adjuster Salary – A catastrophe adjuster is independently contracted and averages $70k – $100k in 6-9 months during storm season. Although the majority of Independent Firms and Insurance Agencies don’t hire inexperienced adjusters, there is a school that has over 95% job placement for their new graduates.

Catastrophe Adjusting

Catastrophe adjusters will go to a catastrophic event (hurricane, flood, hailstorm, etc.) and perform inspections for insurance policyholders. A catastrophe claims adjuster salary can be pretty high as they are paid per claim closed. For the most part, CAT adjusters will only work during the storm season which generally lasts for 6-9 months.


VAS or Veteran Adjusting School has insurance industry partners that believe so much in the school’s curriculum that they hire VAS graduates immediately upon program completion. These partnerships are how VAS boasts an over 95% job placement rate for their graduates.

Veteran Adjusting School program provides students with alternative learning methods with unique insight. These methods include real-world claim simulations to give the student hands-on training and a one-to-one instruction to help guide them through the process.


VAS is so successful, not just because of their industry partnerships, but also because of their student selection. It takes hard work, organization, dedication, and self-motivation in order to make it in the field.

A career in CAT adjusting can be very rewarding, but it’s not right for everyone. Do you have what it takes?

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