by Guy Grand

Veteran Adjusting School’s Graduates leave our program prepared to begin adjusting right away, and even when a graduate comes into an issue, VAS will still help in any way we can.

Here’s an open letter from a VAS student named Al who is already excelling in the field of CAT Adjusting just weeks after graduating:

Subject: Quick feedback/Thank you


Good morning Guy, 

I got back to Maine (home) last week from Hurricanes Florence and Michael.  I did only 26 claims in NC before being asked if I wanted to head to Florida for Michael (I should have stayed in NC).  There were almost no claims coming out of Florida.  I only received eight claims in a week and they were all in Tallahassee, FL.  It was a strange storm in that regard; some of us were lucky enough to get a few claims to pay for our expenses and many were turned away with no claims.  I’m sure there were a few top adjusters who probably did quite well though.


Although I didn’t make a large sum of money, the experience gained (both good and bad) was invaluable.  But more importantly, it is the effectiveness of my VAS training that I wanted to provide feedback:  Of the 30+ claims I wrote for Florence and Michael, I had NONE of them kicked back, not even a phone call asking for clarification.  By contrast, the other (more experienced) adjuster I was rooming with (also working for the same IA company) was getting almost half of his claims returned for revisions/corrections or phone calls asking to explain or clarify something in his estimate.  He actually considered this to be normal.


I wasn’t the fastest at writing my estimates but my work product was solid.  Being fast doesn’t necessarily translate to efficient if your claims look like shit and are consistently being returned for revision.  Case in point:  I am home with all my claims closed while my counterpart (also back at home) is still writing revisions.  I know this because he has called me several times this past week asking me questions about his claims.  So much for being the “more experienced” adjuster.


The training provided at VAS has proven to be the cornerstone of a solid foundation for me to build upon.  I want to personally thank you, Mike and Scott for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.  Also, I want to thank you and your staff for your continued support.  Aside from calling you about “tree coverage”, I also called Scott, on a weekend, with a technical issue I was having with my photo reports.  He immediately dropped what he was doing to help me out.  That speaks volumes about the character and commitment of you, your staff and training program to ensure the success of your students.


I hope everyone is doing well.  Please say hello and “thank you” to Mike, Scott and Cheryl. 

Al (VAS Grad 2018)


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