by Guy Grand


Have you been feeling like it is time for a career move?  Think you might just be getting bored or distracted at work…maybe the feeling will go away?  Here are the top 5 signs that should tell you it is time for you to switch gears and look for a new career.

If you are experiencing some of these top 5 signs you should get serious about moving on to a new career.  (And if you’re reading this, I’m confident that you want a career change. The question is, will you do it?)

1. You are chronically worn out, exhausted and depleted.

Are you constantly worn down, feeling debilitated and exhausted?  Most of us spend more waking hours working than doing anything else, and if you don’t like your work, it won’t like you back.  Work that is not appropriately aligned with who you are can easily break you down. It may be your specific job or toxic work environment that are breaking you down, but often it’s your entire career that needs a shift.

2. Your skills, responsibilities, and tasks are not you at all.

It can be a shocker for some folks to realize that they have become very good at work they hate.  Have you been wondering how you got so good at doing something you were never really all that excited about?  Just imagine how you would feel if you had spent all this time honing your skills in a career that you actually cared about and enjoyed.  Maybe it is time to make that move now.

3. You’ve come to the point where the pay no longer makes up for the boredom and emptiness you feel.

Most people who dislike like their work but are reluctant to change would say it’s their fear of walking away from the money that keeps them stuck.  But at some point, many are saying,  “I have this money, but I hate how I spend my life making it.”  If this sounds familiar, you are probably already hunting around for something better. “There has got to be more to life than this…right?”

4. Despite all the “right” choices you made in your career, the outcome feels very wrong.

So many professionals have made all the “right” choices and done everything that was expected of them, so when they wake up bored to death with their work, they’re shocked and confused. The thing to realize here is that the “right” choices usually had to do with pleasing others, stroking your ego or taking work or a promotion that fell in your lap, rather than asking yourself the tough questions like “Is this where I belong?”

5. You have the feeling that your talents and abilities could/should be used in a totally different (more impactful) way.

Have you been thinking, “I know I’m made for better things than this!”?  Maybe it is time to start listening to yourself.  You are not crazy.  There IS more to life than what you’re currently doing — no question.  If you have not found that career that matches your skill set or a career that you are passionate about, it is time to start looking.

There’s another way to live and work, even though you can’t see it yet.

Maybe it is time for better work!

If any of these 5 signs sound like something you have been experiencing lately, then you are likely in the market for a career move.  There are lots of different careers out there.  Don’t waste your life away doing something you are not satisfied with.  Maybe attend a Local Job Fair to see what is out there.  Or talk with someone in an industry you are curious about.

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