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Under the 9/11 GI Bill ® the VA will assist Veterans with school tuition for schools that have been approved by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. This means that if you are a Veteran of the armed forces you can have most of your schooling paid for at one of these schools. (VAS) Veteran Adjusting School is a VA approved school that was founded on the principle of helping Veterans become fully trained catastrophic insurance adjusters.

Why CAT Adjusting For Veterans?

Catastrophic insurance adjusting is an ideal fit for Veterans. A CAT adjuster will typically make between $70,000 – $100,000 in 6 – 8 months during the storm season. They make their own hours but must have a specific set of skills that are instilled at every level of the armed forces. A CAT adjuster must be hard-working, self-motivated, organized and dedicated.

What is CAT Adjusting?

When a catastrophic storm (hurricane, hail, etc.) hits a region, insurance companies need to send out independent contracted CAT adjusters to assess the damages to the policyholders’ properties. The adjuster will leave on a storm deployment going from house to house estimating how much compensation the homeowner is entitled to under their insurance policy. A catastrophic insurance adjuster is usually paid by the amount of claims they can close. This is why a more motivated individual can typically make 6 figures in 6 months.

Veteran Adjusting School

VAS is a 6-week intensive course that fully prepares students for storm deployment. With in-the-field training, software training, and mentoring (through and beyond licensing); it is the only VA-approved school for CAT adjusters. VAS has 100% graduation rate and 96% job placement rate. VAS works with Insurance Partners to ensure graduates will be hired upon graduation. In fact, many Insurance Agencies look for the VAS certificate to find adjusters that can deliver quality and comprehensive estimates.


By Guy Grand


(VAS) Veteran Adjusting School classes start today. The school is excited to see a brand new group of catastrophic claims adjuster students on campus as they begin the 6-week intensive training course. With a 100% graduation rate and a 96% job placement rate, VAS is the go-to school for in the field claims adjuster training.

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You may have heard that it can take time and dedication to work your way into the Catastrophic Insurance Adjusting Industry…and this can be true.  But it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think.  Here are a few things you should know about getting your foot in the door.

Should I try to do it myself?

You may have heard that it can take time and dedication to work you way into the Catastrophic Insurance Adjusting Industry..and this can be true.  But it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think.  Here are a few things you should know about getting your foot in the door.
Yes, for adjusters who try to “go it alone” and work their way into the industry by their own bootstraps, it can be a long and costly learning curve. 
Check out our eBook which details the difficulties our founder and many others have encountered when trying to “do it themselves”.  (Click the image)

How do I gain the required experience?

It doesn’t have to be this hard.  It is true that many Insurance Adjusting Firms will be hesitant to work with you if they cannot determine the quality of work that you put out. (Check out our recent post about being a Quality Adjuster HERE!) Most firms will require a minimum of 2 years experience in the industry to help them make sure that the work you have done will be satisfactory for their standards.  

Becoming a VAS Trained Adjuster means that you will have the weight and credibility of our name on your side.  We have a long list of Partner Adjusting Firms that have agreed to waive the experience requirements for our graduates because they know the quality of adjusters that we train.  This is a select group of professional adjusters that are committed to this industry as a career.  From the moment they leave our school doors VAS trained adjusters are already leaps and bounds beyond many adjusters who have already been working claims…And OUR PARTNER FIRMS KNOW IT!  That is why they are always calling us and asking if we have more graduates ready for work.  They only want well-trained adjusters, and we only train the best. 

Take a look at our Training Page to see why Adjuster Firms are partnering with Veteran Adjusting School. Take note of all the partnership letters at the bottom of the page.

If you are ready to start working and honest and rewarding career.  Get in touch with one of our enrollment specialists to start a discussion and find out of this career is right for you. 


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What Are The Benefits To Catastrophic Adjusting



When a natural catastrophic event (like a hurricane, flood, or earthquake) hits, the people affected by the devastation need their insurance company to compensate them so they can start putting their lives back together. That’s when insurance agencies will contract out work to independent catastrophic insurance claims adjusters to estimate the damage. But what are the benefits to catastrophic adjusting.

  • 6 figures in 6 months
  • Time off
  • Helping people

6 Figures in 6 Months

In as little as 6 months a catastrophic (or CAT) adjuster can make a 6 figure income. This requires hard work, long days, and a thorough knowledge of the CAT adjusting field. You must also be able to handle working and living in a devastated region for months and months at a time.

Time Off

Just as you will need to work long and hard days for months at a time, you will have months off at a time. This allows you the freedom and ability to spend some of your hard earned income. So although you will be working hard for a while, you won’t be shackled to the job every day.

Helping People

As a catastrophic insurance claims adjuster, you will be dealing with people who have had their lives turn up-side-down. CAT adjusters are contracted to work for the agencies, and are not employees. Your job is to get the people the compensation they are entitled to. The people affected by the disaster are desperate for help, and that’s the reason the adjusters are there. You are able to take the first steps in getting those people back on their feet.

Veteran Adjusting School

VAS or Veteran Adjusting School is a vocational trade school that fully trains its students to be successful in the CAT adjusting field. VAS walks its students through all of the registrations, and certifications you will need to practice adjusting. The school also gives the thorough training, and tools you will need.  This includes a Xactimate software, subscription, and a laptop to perform your estimations.

If you’re interested in training for a career in CAT adjusting, click on the link below to see how VAS can get you to your 6 figure career.

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