Veteran Adjusting School graduate - Sean Odenwald

By Sean Odenwald

Veteran’s Journey To A Rewarding Career – Sean O.

I spent years not working, volunteering my time towards useful ventures supporting my children’s schools. I was so far out of the job market that it became a challenge to sell myself into new career paths with a long absence in employment as well as facing the challenges of marketing an Infantry Officer. I sent out over 500 professionally designed resumes to various industries utilizing the strengths that those in the military find useful, which earned only a handful of interviews and no new career paths, emerged.

I discovered VAS as one of 110 companies at my local Veterans Job fair in Orlando. I met Guy Grand that day and it has been a whirlwind since then. We spoke for the better part of 30min, by far longer than any other booth at the fair. I came home, read his online book, and signed up for my Insurance Adjusting license that week. I attempted to get signed up for the course that started the following month, but was sad to learn that it was full. I was able to sign up for the April course and it was a great time to go.

Everyone is skeptical at the cost and time put into the program, and the real question of “does it really put you into a new career path as easy as the brochures say?”. The short answer is YES! The long answer is YES, but if you don’t put the effort into your employment then your opportunities will dry up. You need to be ready for immediate deployment if you are attending school during the storm season and be ready to apply with a variety of firms so that you have a multitude of companies with exposure around the nation. I attended VAS with 5 state adjusting licenses, finished with 7, and now have 10. Combine that with the 16 states that do not have licenses and I have 26 states covered.

I took a needed vacation with my family immediately following the conclusion of VAS. Everyone else in my session deployed to Canada immediately upon graduation! Upon returning home I was receiving claims within 4 days. I have been working daily claims for two firms in Florida while waiting for a catastrophe to come in. In the mean time I have been busy applying with the VAS partner IA Firms to ensure that I have the maximum amount of personal coverage across those 26 available states. Additionally, to bolster my new resume I have been busy working on continuing education through VAS online resources and regional classes specializing in water and fire damages. I am on the CAT rosters of 10 companies with exposure in varied locations around the country and I am getting certified with the nation’s largest insurance carrier at the end of next month. This is my new career path. There is work out there. VAS can give it to you. Make the call.
-Sean O., (Captain US Army) – VAS Graduate 2016

By Guy Grand


CAT or catastrophe adjusters are a special breed. Although they can gross between $70,000 – $100,000 in 6 – 8 months, it is not something just anyone can handle. In order to be a successful CAT adjuster, you must be organized, hard-working, dedicated, and self-motivated.

CAT adjusters are independently contracted by IA Firms and Insurance Companies and make their own hours. This means that you must have a high level of dedication to close claims and accurately portray the professionalism of the agencies you represent.

What is Catastrophe Adjusting?

When a natural disaster occurs (hurricane, hail storm, wildfire, etc.),  insurance agencies send out catastrophe adjusters to estimate how much compensation the insured customer is entitled to under their policy. CAT adjusters are able to help these people put their lives back together after such a tragic event by providing them the money they so desperately need.

In a large scale natural disaster, like the recent wildfire in Canada, a catastrophe adjuster will go out on a deployment to assess the damages in the affected area. A CAT adjuster will be generally be paid per claim closed. This means that the earning potential can be very high.

Where Do I Find Catastrophe Adjuster Training?

Veteran Adjusting School is the best school for catastrophe adjuster training. VAS has a 100% graduation rate and
includes job placement post-graduation with their 15 insurance partners.

The 6-week course includes:

  • 30 adjuster subjects
  • 40 real-world claims
  • Xactimate level 2 training
  • Mentorship through and even after training
  • In-the-field adjuster training
  • Laptop and all the tools needed

Once you’ve completed the catastrophe adjuster training course, you will be fully trained to work catastrophe claims as well as day claims for any IA Firm or Insurance Company.

The entire VAS graduation class of Jun 2016 was asked to help out in the recent Canadian wildfire crisis for $500 a day. 


Click on the link below to learn more about catastrophe adjuster training.


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Veteran Adjusting School graduate - Sean Odenwald
Veteran’s Journey To A Rewarding Career – Sean O.