By Guy Grand


Are you looking to become a licensed claims adjuster? One of the first questions you’ll need to ask yourself is, “Where can I find Xactimate training and adjuster licensing?” Well, there is one place that will teach you all you need to know about insurance claims adjusting, will mentor you through licensing, and has job placement with over 15 insurance partners after graduation.

Veteran Adjusting School, a vocational school for catastrophe insurance adjusters, has a 6-week course that includes:

  • -Xactimate Level 2 Training
  • -30 Adjuster Subjects Taught
  • -40 Real World Claims
  • -Mentorship Through Licensing & Even After Graduation
  • -In-the-field Adjuster Training
  • -Laptop and Tools

Although (VAS) Veteran Adjusting School focuses primarily on catastrophe adjusting, once you graduate you will be ready for all kinds of day claim adjusting as well. VAS trains specifically for (CAT) catastrophe adjusting because of the significantly higher income potential and superior training. A CAT adjuster can gross an average between $70k and $100k in 6-9 months during the storm season.  

Veteran Adjusting School is the only Catastrophic Insurance Adjusting School in the nation licensed by the Board of Education and approved by the VA for GIBill ® tuition assistance. VAS also has a loan program to assist non-veterans with tuition.

VAS has a 100% graduation rate and assists with job placement for its graduates. In fact, the entire graduating class of June 2016 was invited to help out with the Canadian wildfire crisis for $500 a day.

To learn more about Xactimate training & adjuster licensing, click the link below to contact VAS.