By Preston Sexton

Major Preston Sexton, USA Ret. – VAS graduate 2016

VAS is definitely as advertised. In fact, they probably offer more than you’re currently expecting from the training, mentoring, and resources aspect. Before attending the training I wouldn’t have believed I could have accomplished the objectives set out in the training.  But through the knowledge of the instructors and the phenomenal way the training is delivered, even the most inexperienced person is provided with the tools needed to succeed.  I am so grateful that VAS was available and that I was able to attend. The lessons were spot on and definitely have prepared me to be effective in the field right away.

As a Veteran, I was a bit nervous about my transition out of the military.  When I started my research on future employment I had no idea what industry was right for me or the skills that I’d spent 20 years attaining.  When I chose insurance adjusting I had no clue what that really meant until I came across the VAS website.  From that point on the transition from Active Duty to VAS student to CAT adjuster has been an extremely smooth one.

If you are concerned about opportunities once you graduate from VAS, I’d acknowledge those concerns are warranted.  However, trust the Instructors and former students when they say there are plenty of opportunities in this field.  Whether you choose to work as an Independent Adjuster or as a Staff Adjuster (as I currently am), you will definitely be more than prepared, have skills above and beyond even some of the most seasoned adjusters, and have the opportunity to make GREAT money.
– Major Preston Sexton, USA Ret. – VAS graduate 2016

By Guy Grand


Dr. Roy Grimm is a man of many talents and accomplishments. Today, for Military Appreciation Month, we would like to honor him for his service in the military.

It takes a certain type of person to become a Marine. Bravery, hard work, dedication, and loyalty are words that don’t even scratch the surface of the characteristics that these men embody as they defend our nation.

Roy Grimm enlisted in the military in 1969 and quickly rose to command a HAWK Anti-Aircraft Missile Battery by 1971. Shortly thereafter he had become a Marine; but he didn’t stop there. The country called upon him to become a captain in the Marine Corps. And not being one to shy away from the role impressed upon him, he did it with the honor and bravery you would expect from a valiant soldier.

After his return, Roy obtained a Ph.D. in philosophy and history of education and became a professor. As an educator, he taught graduate and undergraduate courses in the Foundations of Education, as well as Computers in Education at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Continuing his love of education, Roy became the Headmaster at Verde Valley School in Sedona Arizona (one of the nation’s most progressive and rigorous college preparatory boarding schools). This is where our school’s founder, Guy Grand, met Roy and began a lifelong friendship.  

After four years at Verde Valley School, Roy went on to become a real estate buyer’s agent and has been since 1997. In October of 2001, he became a member and founding corporate underwriter of Buyers Brokers of Sedona & Flagstaff (Northern Arizona’s first and most productive Exclusive Buyer’s Agency) where he also serves as a member of the Board of Directors. In 2009, Roy merged the Buyers Brokers of Sedona & Flagstaff with Russ Lyon Sotheby to form the Buyer Brokers Grp – Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International. Roy Grimm’s business helps both buyers and sellers reach their real estate goals.

As a friend, our school’s founder, Guy Grand has these kind words to say about Roy.

“Roy took a chance and entrusted the school’s largest annual fundraiser to me; to co-produce with some of the country’s most well know musical artists. Most of these artists are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Together, Roy and I showed our commitment to giving Native American high school students a superior college preparatory education. And as such, showed our artist benefactors that their commitment to the Verde Valley School Native American Scholarship Benefit Concert was a worthwhile cause. Even after Roy left the Verde Valley School these world class musicians came to Sedona for 11 years and helped scores of worthy young men and women get the education they may otherwise not have gotten. I learned much about business, organization, and life from Roy and I am grateful to call him a mentor and my friend.”

For Dr. Roy Grimm’s service to our country – we at Veteran Adjusting School – would like to thank and honor him. Thank you, Roy! Below is what Roy Grimm had to say about Guy Grand…..and we thanks him for that too!

“I’ve known Guy for 24 years since he organized and ran the Jackson Browne Benefit Music Festivals at Verde Valley School. He’s a man of utmost integrity and high idealism. He’s also a terrific administrator and teacher who can get the job done. I am delighted that he has, in recent years, turned his talents toward helping my fellow Vets learn insurance adjusting from the master. Dr. Roy Grimm (Captain, USMC)”

Veteran Adjusting School’s Program is an AZ State Licensed Vocational School and approved by the US Department of Veteran Affairs to accept 9/11 GI Bill ® educational benefits. The VAS-Trained Insurance Adjuster Program is a 6-week course that trains Veterans and non-vets in a career as an Independent Catastrophe and Day Claim Insurance Adjusters.

To learn more about Veteran Adjusting School, click on the link below.

By Guy Grand


May is Military Appreciation Month, and Veterans Adjusting School would like to show our support. Thank you to all the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to defend our nation. With the growing threats that surround the U.S., these soldiers are putting it all on the line for our freedom. And, to our returning soldiers, welcome home.

As supporters of our troops and veterans of the armed forces, we have gone to great lengths to make sure our school is VA approved for tuition assistance. Hopefully, this will make the adjustment to civilian life an easier transition.


By Guy Grand

Best Job For Vets


Veterans have put their lives on the line to defend our great country. When it comes to getting a high paying job, they deserve the best. But, what is the best job for vets? My experience suggests that catastrophic insurance adjusting (CAT adjusting) is the perfect fit for our returning heroes.

CAT Adjusting

When a natural catastrophic disaster (like hurricane, tornado, etc.) hits a populated region, insurance companies need to hire independent CAT adjusters to quickly get their customers their needed compensation.

Why Is CAT Adjusting Ideal for Veterans?

Because of the experience, discipline, and exposure received in the armed forces; veterans are well suited to be very successful in this field of work. The job involves being in devastated regions, and requires a high level of work ethic. Although a CAT adjuster will have to work long days for months at a time, they are highly compensated and have many months off at a time to enjoy their high income.

How Do I Become A CAT Adjuster?

VAS or Veteran Adjusting School ( ) offers a comprehensive course that turns our vets into independent catastrophic insurance adjusters. It is the only school that will guide you through all of the certifications and registrations you will need. VAS also provides you with the knowledge, tools, experience, and post-graduation support you will need to be successful in the field.

Veteran Adjusting School also has insurance agency partners that are so confident in the education provided, that they hire VAS graduates to handle claims for catastrophic events. Being a VAS graduate also qualifies you to handle any type of insurance claim. This means you can do small claims for insurance companies in between natural disasters.

If you would like to speak with someone from Veteran Adjusting School about starting down the path to a 6 figure income… to register for a free consultation.

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Major Preston Sexton, USA Ret. – VAS graduate 2016