By Guy Grand

Veteran Tuition Assistance

Veteran Tuition Assistance

Are you a veteran of the armed forces looking for a school with veteran tuition assistance from the VA? Looking for the right school with job placement? Then you might want to consider VAS or Veteran Adjusting School for your vocational training.


VAS is a CAT or catastrophic insurance adjuster training school that is VA approved for tuition assistance by the VA under the 9/11 GI Bill ®. VAS has over 95% job placement for its graduates directly out of school with their independent firms and insurance agency partners.

What Is CAT Adjusting?

When a geographical area is hit by a catastrophic event, insurance agencies and independent firms contract and deploy CAT adjusters to the affected region. They will spend weeks to months at a time in the area performing inspections to assess how much compensation the insurance customers are entitled to under their policy.


There is a very high earning potential as CAT adjusters are paid per claim closed. That is why it is often said among catastrophic adjusters, “Make 6 figures in 6 months.” They typically only work 6 to 9 months during storm season which leaves plenty of vacation time to enjoy their hard earned income.

Why Veterans Make Ideal CAT Adjusters

Veterans have character attributes and experience that have come from military training and service that are indispensable in the catastrophic adjusting field. In order to succeed a CAT adjuster must be hardworking, organized, self-motivated, and dedicated.


Although they are contracted and therefore self-employed, catastrophic insurance adjusters can work long days and long weeks in adverse conditions away from home. This is another reason why veterans of the armed forces are ideal candidates for this career.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Veteran Adjusting School has built their agency and firm partnerships through producing a comprehensive course curriculum that utilizes a mixture of traditional and alternative teaching practices. The course takes the student from newcomer to pro in six weeks. The real-world storm simulation portion provides an interactive model for the students to test their knowledge and gain insights from school mentors.


VAS has also been so successful because they aren’t looking for students, they are looking for dedication. CAT adjusting can be a rewarding career for the right person. Do you have what it takes?