Perfect Job For Veterans

By Guy Grand

School For Vets – 96% Job Placement

School For Vets – 96% Job Placement

Veterans of the armed forces have put their lives on the line to defend our country. When our soldiers return home, they should be able to find a high-paying and rewarding career. That is why (VAS) Veteran Adjusting School is the best school for vets with an intense 6-week curriculum that helps the graduate obtain work with over 96% job placement. 

VA Approved

VAS was built specifically with veterans in mind. In fact, VAS is approved by The Dept. of Veteran Affairs under the 9/11 GI Bill ® to provide tuition assistance for vets. VAS wants to provide the smoothest transition possible from the military to a rewarding civilian career for our veterans.

VAS School For Vets

VAS teaches (CAT) catastrophic insurance adjusting. CAT adjusters have a very high earning potential during the storm season. In fact, a common phrase among CAT adjusters is “make 6 figures in 6 months.” Although the school focuses on catastrophic adjusting, when a student graduates, they will are fully trained to do numerous types of adjusting.

VAS has a 100% graduation rate and 96% job placement rate. The reason VAS is so successful is because “We aren’t looking for students, we are looking for commitment”. In order to be a successful CAT adjuster one must be self-motivated, organized, hard-working, and dedicated.  

CAT Adjusting

When a hurricane, hailstorm, or any other catastrophic event occurs, insurance agencies will deploy CAT adjusters to the affected region to assess the damages for their customers. The adjuster will estimate how much the customer is entitled to under their policy.

The reason the earning potential is so high is because the adjusters are paid per claim closed. Harder working adjusters can reach into 6 figures in only 6 months. CAT adjusters are usually contracted by IA firms and work for themselves. They make their own hours and are self-employed.

Find out how you can turn your veteran status into a 6-figure career with VAS.


By Guy Grand


Catastrophic insurance adjusters can gross between $70,000 to $100,000 in 6 to 8 months. This career is matched up perfectly with the skills and characteristics developed in the armed forces. As a licensed postsecondary vocational school that is VA approved for tuition assistance under the 9/11 GI Bill ®, Veteran Adjusting School provides the most complete and comprehensive training for Veterans to become CAT Adjusters.

What is CAT Adjusting?

When a region is devastated by a natural disaster (hurricane, hail storm, wildfire, etc.), catastrophic or CAT adjusters are deployed to the affected area to estimate damages for insurance agencies. They are independently contracted to represent the agency at the catastrophic event to assess how much money the insured homeowner is entitled to under their policy.

The contracted adjuster is paid for every claim that they are able to close. This is why there is so much opportunity for a hard working adjuster to make up to 6-figures during the storm season.  

Why Are Veterans Ideal CAT Adjusters?

The skills that are developed in the military are essential to being successful in the catastrophic adjusting field. It takes hard work, self-motivation, organization, and dedication to excel in the career of CAT adjusting.

As a representative of the insurance agencies, you must be able to uphold the company’s reputation and be able to work efficiently to close claims. The work must be conducted with an understanding of the customer’s loss after the tragic event.

The Best Training For Veterans

Veteran Adjusting School (VAS) was built with the direct intention of training and delivering job placement for Veterans. VAS works with more than 15 insurance partners to assure job placement right out of school.

Along with VA tuition assistance, VAS has the most comprehensive course for catastrophic adjusting. The course includes:

  • 30 adjuster subjects
  • 40 real world claims
  • Xactimate level 2 training
  • Mentorship through and even post-graduation
  • In-the-field adjuster training
  • Laptop & tools

For a rewarding career in catastrophic insurance adjusting, VAS is the best training for veterans.

Perfect Job For Veterans
School For Vets – 96% Job Placement