By Guy Grand

Letter From VAS Partner – Insurance Claims Adjusters

With over 96% job placement rate, Veteran Adjusting School has over 15 Insurance Partners that appreciate the high level of quality graduates the school produces. Here is a letter from one of these partners.


Back in 2012, when you asked Insurance Claims Adjusters (ICA) to become a partner of Veteran Adjusting School (VAS), we were proud to join forces and help our military men and women find a rewarding career in insurance adjusting. We were familiar with you and your partner’s – Gary Pitts – work product as independent adjusters, and we were confident in your ability to provide well trained and qualified new adjusters to our growing roster. Four years later, I am happy to say that our trust in you has paid out dividends. To date, I believe we now have 14 of your VAS-Trained Insurance Adjusters on our roster and they are all performing above expectations. In fact, we now have 7 of your adjusters working for us as W2 employees.

As you know – insurance claims adjusting – especially catastrophe adjusting – has always been basically an unknown vocation within the insurance industry. Those of us that have been in the business for any length of time know we have always had to find friends or family to fill vacancies, and that the primary training method is done by going into the field with a seasoned adjuster and learning on-the-job. The major flaw with that model was the fact that the seasoned adjuster who was assigned the claim was a lot more interested in getting the claim done and pulling in revenue than he was in training the rookie. Whatever training might take place was the result of the rookie having a front-row seat and getting an overview of the process – it was not a formal training program.

Your knowledge and insight into the unique nuances of our industry has changed all of that. It is amazing to watch VAS take a person that knows nothing about adjusting – or even construction for that matter – and turn them into a well-trained adjuster in just six short weeks.

We both agree that you can’t teach – or learn – all there is to know about adjusting in six weeks. But I want you to know that we definitely feel confident in hiring your graduates. It is easy for us to support them knowing that they have the knowledge and the skills that the VAS mentorship program has provided them.

A true partnership is one where ALL parties receive a win, and this doesn’t actually occur that often in business. From our vantage point, VAS has indeed accomplished this goal. We are honored to support our military personnel as they enter our profession and look forward to our continued partnership with VAS.


Dave Perkins

VP Claim Operations

Insurance Claims Adjusters Inc.