By Guy Grand


Insurance Adjusting Careers

When talking about property insurance adjusting careers, there are several types available. The most common are “day claims”, “staff”, and “catastrophe claims” adjusting (also known as CAT adjusting). One of the major differences between them can be the income.

Graduates of (VAS) Veteran Adjusting School are fully trained and sought after for all of these career options. VAS’s superior education prepares students to be CAT adjusters, which is the most difficult and highest paying of these choices. A CAT adjuster can average $70,000 – $100,000 in 6 – 9 months, during the storm season.

Adjusting Hurdles

One of the biggest hurdles for an aspiring claims adjuster is finding an insurance agency that will hire them after licensing and introductory training. Most firms require 2-4 years previous experience or in-house training. Many licensed adjusters have trouble getting into an in-house training situation without having the right connections.

Licensing and Xactimate Training

In order to estimate claims, you must be proficient with the adjusting software, Xactimate. You must also obtain a Home State Adjusters License by purchasing a course and passing the final exam for the state that you reside in. Different states have different requirements.

VAS-Trained Insurance Adjuster Program 

There is one school that provides insurance adjuster training for day claims and CAT adjusting, has 100% graduation rate, provides job placement post-graduation, trains you in Xactimate, and assists you through licensing within the United States. Veteran Adjusting School (VAS) graduates are highly sought after in insurance agency circles. Students who graduate even have their school mentors to help them through their first claims.


  • 30 Adjuster Subjects Taught
  • 40 Real World Claims
  • Xactimate Level 2 Training
  • Mentorship Through and Even After Graduation
  • In-the-field Adjuster Training
  • Laptop & Tools
  • and More

One of the reasons VAS has such a high graduation rate and job placement is because they won’t just take any student. A successful CAT adjuster must be dedicated, organized, self-motivated, and hardworking. Because of this, VAS only takes students that display these characteristics.

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By Guy Grand


Good timing is critical to successfully launching a career as an Independent Insurance Adjuster.

Many people who talk to us about starting a career as an independent adjuster take the “wait and see” approach and straddle the fence as the storm season draws near. Their idea is to wait until a hurricane, or tornado hits and then try to jump in as an adjuster when demand is at its highest.  This seems a perfectly reasonable approach at first glance.  But the truth is if you aren’t trained and ready by the time that storm hits…it already too late!

Let’s examine why…

1) Licensing takes time…

To work in any state you will need to get a license.  (Even if your state doesn’t require it…your adjusting firm will.)  So getting your home state license is the first step.  (And for those whose home states don’t license adjusters we can point you in the right direction).  But getting your license can take some time.  Aside from studying for, scheduling, and passing your home state’s exam or taking a prelicensing course; you must also wait for the license application to be processed.  This can take up to 6 weeks in some states.  Add it up and the entire process can easily take two months or more.  If you have to wait two months on a license in the wake of a major storm, you won’t be working that storm.

2) Preparation is key to successful first deployment…

Imagine entering an environment shaken physically and emotionally to its core.  Imagine being tasked with the responsibility of interpreting complex insurance policies with specific riders and endorsements, of applying that policy within the framework of a very particular set of physical circumstances requiring precise damage analysis, knowledge of materials and methods of repair.  Imagine doing so calmly, confidently under immense pressure from myriad stressed/confused/bewildered policyholders.  Now imagine being expected to do that 3 to 6 times a day starting yesterday.
In every first deployment, there is going to be an element of baptism by fire.  But you can greatly increase your odds of enduring success by being appropriately prepared.   Starting your training at the 11th hour simply won’t give you the kind of foundational knowledge or confidence you need before assignment in the field.  A half-day storm orientation or a quick Xactimate training just isn’t going to do it.  Proper insurance adjuster training requires time – both in class and in private study, and would ideally include some real life experience with a Master Adjuster.

3) Getting on a Roster…

Getting licensed, trained, and prepared NOW allows you to really survey the employment landscape in its entirety and build relationships with prospective employers.  A well respected Insurance Adjuster School is going to have a whole network of partners and firms they can help you connect with.  But even after you are on a Roster, some firms may want you to go through additional training or carrier specific certification through them prior to deployment.  And, this typically cannot be done in the immediate aftermath of the storm as the firm is expending all available resources on deployment – not training last-minute personnel.

Summary – Now is the Time!

Beginning your career transition into independent insurance adjusting well before storm season arrives will dramatically improve your odds of deployment and your success while deployed.  Get licensed and trained now and let us help you get to know the industry so you are “Storm Ready” when the next catastrophe hits.

If you would like to learn more about how you can start your career as an Independent Insurance Adjuster the right way just click the link to get in touch with us.  We are an accredited Insurance Adjuster School that offers comprehensive adjuster training from writing claims and Xactimate to product identification and “customer service”.


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