CAT Adjuster, Catastrophe Adjuster

by Guy Grand

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If you’re a veteran looking for the perfect career, you might want to consider catastrophic insurance adjusting. CAT adjusting is a highly rewarding career that utilizes the skills veterans have developed in the armed forces.

Work Deployment

CAT adjusters are deployed by insurance agencies to catastrophic events (like a hurricane, flood, wildfire, etc.) in order to assess the damages for policyholders in the devastated region. They will spend weeks to months at a time as independent contractors estimating how much compensation the customers are entitled to under their policy.

Insurance Representatives

As representatives of the insurance agencies, the Catastrophic adjuster is paid per claim they can close. This allows for a high earning potential for hardworking adjusters. In fact, a common phrase used among CAT adjusters is “Make 6 figures in 6 months.”

Characteristics of a Successful CAT Adjuster

Although a CAT adjuster can make a lot of money, this it is not a career for just anyone.  It requires organization, hard-work, dedication and self-motivation. As an independent contractor, CAT adjusters make their own hours and must hold themselves accountable to accomplishing their goals. They must also work hard to reach the expectations of quality claims required by the agencies they represent.  

Where to Find  Adjuster Training

(VAS) Veteran Adjusting School is a trade school that specializes in training veterans to become CAT adjusters. VAS is VA approved for tuition assistance for veterans under the 9/11 GI Bill ®. Veteran Adjusting School has a 100% graduation rate and over 96% job placement rate with their insurance partners.

Excellent Mentoring Program

After completing the Veteran Adjusting School program, the adjuster is immediately ready to work and applies directly to VAS Insurance Partners as part of their job placement program. However, to ensure the comfort of the graduate and quality of work, VAS has an excellent mentoring program that continues even after the student has graduated the 6-week intensive training course.

CAT adjusting is a rewarding career that helps people in need. Do you have what it takes?

Veteran Adjusting School - Catastrophic Insurance Claims Adjuster Training

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