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How VAS Formed Partnerships To Hire Students

VAS or Veteran Adjusting School is an insurance claims adjusting school that specializes in catastrophic adjusting. VA approved for veterans utilizing the 9/11 GI Bill ®, VAS provides the highest quality of CAT adjuster training. This high-quality training has allowed VAS to form partnerships with almost 20 insurance agencies and independent firms to hire their students right out of school. That is why the school has 98% job placement rate for its students.

High-Quality Training

One of the reasons that Veteran Adjusting School is able to provide their students with such a high rate of job placement is because of the in-depth and fully comprehensive training program. VAS has developed a groundbreaking interactive 6-week course that actually allows the student to perform inspections in a simulation storm site under the guidance of mentors and teachers. The VAS course is also presented in the form of:

  • Interactive lectures
  • Problem solving
  • Audio and visual aids
  • Demonstrations
  • Field assignments
  • Labs
  • Student participation
  • and homework

Why CAT Adjusting?

A catastrophic insurance adjuster is a special type of insurance adjuster that is deployed to a catastrophic event like a hurricane, flood, hailstorm, etc. Veteran Adjusting School specializes in CAT adjusting because it is the most rewarding.

Some of the benefits to becoming a catastrophe adjuster include:

Helping People: CAT adjusters are able to help people by getting them compensation when they need it the most.

Vacation Time: CAT adjusters typically work 6 – 9 months during the storm season. This leaves 3 – 6 months of vacation time to enjoy your hard earned income.

High Earning Potential: Catastrophe adjusters are paid per claim closed so the earning potential is very high for hard working adjusters. In fact, a common phrase among CAT adjusters is, “Make 6 figures in 6 months.”

Self Employed: Catastrophe adjusters are contracted by insurance agencies and independent firms. As independent contractors, they make their own hours and chose their own projects.


In order to be successful in the catastrophic insurance adjusting field, you must be hard-working, organized, self-motivated, and dedicated. That is why VAS isn’t looking for students, they’re looking for commitment. Do you have what it takes?

Veteran Adjusting School - Catastrophic Insurance Claims Adjuster Training

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Veteran Adjusting School graduate - Sean Odenwald
How VAS Formed Partnerships To Hire Students