Is a Career in CAT Adjusting Right for You?


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Outstanding Income Potential

If you were told you could make $450 to $1,500 a day working as an independent CAT adjuster you might think we are trying to sell you something. Unbelievable? No! The reality is this – every year independent claims adjusters make tens of thousands of dollars in very short periods of time working catastrophic insurance claims.

Helping Others in Need

As a CAT adjuster you will be directly helping people traumatized by a natural disaster. A first responder of sorts, your responsibility is to help families to get their lives back in order. There’s no better feeling than knowing you just helped someone in their time of need.

Job Security

A job in catastrophe claims adjusting is recession proof. The United States has more natural disasters every year than any other country. Winter storms, spring tornados and hailstorms, wildfires and hurricanes, USA has it all. Never mind global warming, USA has always had a wide variety of storms all year long.