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Guy Grand

Guy has been a catastrophe adjuster since 2002 and like many other adjusters came from a varied background. Starting his first business at the age of 21 Guy has been a serial entrepreneur most of his life. From 1987 till 2001 Guy owned a concert production company and produced events for many of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s most noted artists. While producing a show in northern California he met a man who told him he should be a Catastrophic Insurance Adjuster. “Why in the heck would I want to do that”? Because you can make six figures in six months was the answer. Guy got his home state license, took many training courses and tried to find a job with an IA firm. He was lucky, because in those days, there was still a “good ole boy” network and his friend opened the door to adjusting for him. Since then, Guy has trained seven other adjusters and in 2011 he heard of the plight returning veterans were having finding new jobs after deployment oversees and wanted to help.

Veteran Adjusting School

Veteran Adjusting School was created to provide veterans’ a proven path to gainful employment in the catastrophe insurance adjusting industry. Unlike other vocational training we are committed to training primarily returning veterans. Why? Because we believe your dedication to your country is worthy of our focused attention upon your return. Although our school is open to anyone interested in becoming an insurance claims adjuster, our passion is to help those committed individuals that have served their country and are now looking for post military careers that can be both rewarding and financially lucrative.

Over the last two years Veteran Adjusting School has been certifying “VAS Trained” insurance adjusters. Our students’ careers were varied before beginning the VAS Trained Insurance Adjuster Program. They began as veterans looking for new careers, contractors looking for work and others with no experience in the art of insurance claims adjusting. Today, ALL VAS-Trained graduates are working and most have met or exceeded our statements of income potential.


Job Security

A job in catastrophe claims adjusting is recession proof. The United States has more natural disasters every year than any other country. Winter storms, spring tornados and hailstorms, wildfires and hurricanes, USA has it all. Never mind global warming, USA has always had a wide variety of storms all year long. The weather doesn’t care about a recession or downturn in the economy, storms keep coming and they always will.


Veteran Adjusting School is prohibited by law to guarantee job placement as an enticement for enrollment to our school. Only your commitment and dedication to your career can guarantee you a job. However, for the committed graduate of VAS we do have partnering adjusting firms willing to waive their two to four year experience hiring requirement for hiring and take our graduates immediately onto their rosters as deployment ready. From there, it’s up to the weather as to when you will work.


At VAS we want you to know that we are always here to answer your questions and provide additional support, even after you graduate and launch your new career. Our Mentor program means that you will have access to an entire network of fellow adjusters to relate to and continue to learn from whenever you need it.



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