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Where is the best place to find claims adjuster training? Whether you want to be a day to day claims adjuster for a local insurance agency or you want to be an independent catastrophic insurance adjuster, VAS is the best choice for claims adjuster training.

What makes VAS the best school when it comes to creating fully trained adjusters? Four things:

  1. Job Placement – VAS works with more than 15 insurance partners to ensure that their students have employment right out of school.
  1. 100% Graduation Rate – Because VAS has a dedication to its students and insurance partners, they only accept students that are committed and dedicated to becoming a top insurance adjuster.
  1. Mentorship – VAS mentors students through licensing, software training, in-the-field training, and even helps the student after graduation with their initial claims to ensure the best work product.
  1. Tuition Assistance – As a VA approved postsecondary vocational school, VAS is qualified for tuition assistance for veterans of the armed forces. The school also has a program for tuition assistance for non-veterans.

Although the VAS 6-week course covers complete training for day to day claims adjusting, the school specializes in (CAT) catastrophe insurance adjuster training. Why? Because CAT adjusters make between $70,000 – $100,000 in 6 – 8 months depending on their dedication and ability to close claims. As it is said throughout the CAT adjuster community, “You can make 6 figures in 6 months.” Most are independent adjusters contracted with IA firms to estimate damages for homeowners based on their policy coverage.

Because they are contracted and make their own hours, a CAT adjuster must be hard-working, dedicated, organized, and self-motivated. This is one of the reasons VAS seeks out Veterans,as they come with a skill set ingrained through military training and service. However, anyone displaying these characteristics would make an excellent candidate for VAS and the catastrophic claims adjusting career.

By Guy Grand


Under the 9/11 GI Bill ® the VA will assist Veterans with school tuition for schools that have been approved by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. This means that if you are a Veteran of the armed forces you can have most of your schooling paid for at one of these schools. (VAS) Veteran Adjusting School is a VA approved school that was founded on the principle of helping Veterans become fully trained catastrophic insurance adjusters.

Why CAT Adjusting For Veterans?

Catastrophic insurance adjusting is an ideal fit for Veterans. A CAT adjuster will typically make between $70,000 – $100,000 in 6 – 8 months during the storm season. They make their own hours but must have a specific set of skills that are instilled at every level of the armed forces. A CAT adjuster must be hard-working, self-motivated, organized and dedicated.

What is CAT Adjusting?

When a catastrophic storm (hurricane, hail, etc.) hits a region, insurance companies need to send out independent contracted CAT adjusters to assess the damages to the policyholders’ properties. The adjuster will leave on a storm deployment going from house to house estimating how much compensation the homeowner is entitled to under their insurance policy. A catastrophic insurance adjuster is usually paid by the amount of claims they can close. This is why a more motivated individual can typically make 6 figures in 6 months.

Veteran Adjusting School

VAS is a 6-week intensive course that fully prepares students for storm deployment. With in-the-field training, software training, and mentoring (through and beyond licensing); it is the only VA-approved school for CAT adjusters. VAS has 100% graduation rate and 96% job placement rate. VAS works with Insurance Partners to ensure graduates will be hired upon graduation. In fact, many Insurance Agencies look for the VAS certificate to find adjusters that can deliver quality and comprehensive estimates.


By Guy Grand


How would you like to work for yourself, make your own hours, help people around the country, and gross $70,000 – $100,000 in 6-8 months? Well before you run out and buy an adjuster jacket, you need to answer several questions.

  • What is a catastrophic insurance adjuster?
  • Do I have what it takes to be a CAT adjuster?
  • Where do I find proper training, licensing, and mentorship?

What is a Catastrophic Insurance Adjuster?

When a natural disaster  (hurricane, flood, hail storm, etc.) hits a residential area, insurance agencies need to send out CAT adjusters to assess the damages to their insured customers in order to get them the compensation they need to rebuild their homes and their lives. The adjuster will estimate the damage and report back to the contracted insurance agencies and an in office adjuster will determine the actual compensation that the insured will receive. Sounds easy right? Not so fast. Now you need to ask yourself if you have the characteristics that are necessary to be successful in the field.

Do I Have What it Takes to be a CAT Adjuster?

What are the defining traits of a successful catastrophic insurance adjuster? Self-motivation, organization, hard work and dedication are all key to achieving success in the field for you and the agencies that you are contracted to represent. A storm deployment will test you on all of these character traits. If you have the resolve, you will be rewarded.

Where Do I Find Training, Licensing, and Mentorship?

VAS is the only licensed postsecondary vocational school that provides full training, licensing, and mentorship for CAT adjusters. Located in Arizona, VAS has in-the-field training, Xactimate software training, mentorship through licensing (and past graduation), and provides you with a customized laptop and the tools that you need in the field.

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VAS has 100% graduation rate & 96% job placement.

See what VAS graduate has to say about Veteran Adjusting School.


By Guy Grand


Career for Veterans

Are you a veteran looking for a career that can utilize your unique skill set? Catastrophic (CAT) insurance adjusting is an ideal option for veterans.  A CAT adjuster will go to catastrophic events and estimate how much money insurance homeowners should be compensated under their policy. These adjusters can make 6 figures in one storm season. A storm season will typically last 6 – 8 months.

Going to a catastrophic event can be difficult for some people. It takes dedication and a good work ethic. With long hours and unusual work conditions, it takes a certain breed to handle the job. That is what makes this job such a great fit for veterans. The military consistently produces people with a great work ethic in the toughest of conditions.

With CAT adjusting, you make money based on the claims you close. So, you basically earn money based on how hard you are willing to work. That is why it is typical for a CAT adjuster to average “6 figures in 6 months.” The qualities of an adjuster that can do well in this field are self-motivation, organization, hard-work, and dedication.

Demand for CAT Adjusters Rising

Natural disasters and catastrophic events are on the rise with no signs of slowing down. The increase in severe weather conditions is creating a high demand for qualified and fully trained catastrophic insurance claims adjusters.

VA Approved CAT Adjuster Training Program

With a 100% graduation rate and a 96% job placement rate, Veterans Adjusting School (VAS) is your best choice for a catastrophe adjuster training program. VAS vocational training school, based in Sedona Arizona, has a complete program that takes the student from beginner to deployment ready in 6 weeks.

VAS is Approved by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs for Veteran’s Educational Benefits, and licensed by the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education as Vocational School #V1531.

The VAS school experience includes real-world simulations, mentorship through licensing, the complete adjuster tool-kit, laptops, Xactimate software training, and more. VAS mentors even help their students through their first claims to ensure that their estimations are configured correctly.

VAS Partners

Because of the high level of education provided by VAS, 15 insurance agencies have partnered with Veterans Adjusting School to provide their students with job placement after graduation.


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By Guy Grand


Thinking about becoming an insurance adjuster? The demand for insurance adjusters is high, and growing every day. Job security in the adjusting field seems very steady as storms, and other unfortunate weather events are on the rise.

So, you’re thinking that this might be the right career for you, and now you need to find training. But, where can you find quality adjuster training that will guarantee that you can find work, get a  license, and be fully prepared when it’s time to calculate your estimations?

VAS Insurance Adjuster Training Program has a 100% graduation rate and a 96% job placement rate. Why does the 6 week VAS course curriculum have such great success? Two reasons: 1)Students are interviewed to make sure that they are a right fit for the job. 2)Because VAS has a reputation for turning out quality adjusters and they have partnered with 15 different insurance companies to employ graduates. 

Why are VAS Students Better Prepared?

VAS has a complete 6-week program that includes real-world simulations, mentoring, industry tools, software training, and full preparation for catastrophe or day claims insurance adjusting in the field. VAS mentors guide students through the licensing process.

Not only are VAS graduates better prepared when they go in the field, but they also have the assistance of a mentor to talk them through their first in-the-field experience. Graduates of the program like having the comfort of an expert to help them gain confidence through their initial estimations.

The classes from VAS are presented in the form of:

– Interactive Lectures

– Audio & Visual Aids

– Field Assignments

– Student Participation

– Problem Solving

– Demonstrations

– Labs

– Homework

VAS is licensed by the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education as Vocational School #V1531, and approved by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs for Veteran’s Educational Benefits.

How Do I Start?   

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