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Insurance Adjusting Careers

When talking about property insurance adjusting careers, there are several types available. The most common are “day claims”, “staff”, and “catastrophe claims” adjusting (also known as CAT adjusting). One of the major differences between them can be the income.

Graduates of (VAS) Veteran Adjusting School are fully trained and sought after for all of these career options. VAS’s superior education prepares students to be CAT adjusters, which is the most difficult and highest paying of these choices. A CAT adjuster can average $70,000 – $100,000 in 6 – 9 months, during the storm season.

Adjusting Hurdles

One of the biggest hurdles for an aspiring claims adjuster is finding an insurance agency that will hire them after licensing and introductory training. Most firms require 2-4 years previous experience or in-house training. Many licensed adjusters have trouble getting into an in-house training situation without having the right connections.

Licensing and Xactimate Training

In order to estimate claims, you must be proficient with the adjusting software, Xactimate. You must also obtain a Home State Adjusters License by purchasing a course and passing the final exam for the state that you reside in. Different states have different requirements.

VAS-Trained Insurance Adjuster Program 

There is one school that provides insurance adjuster training for day claims and CAT adjusting, has 100% graduation rate, provides job placement post-graduation, trains you in Xactimate, and assists you through licensing within the United States. Veteran Adjusting School (VAS) graduates are highly sought after in insurance agency circles. Students who graduate even have their school mentors to help them through their first claims.


  • 30 Adjuster Subjects Taught
  • 40 Real World Claims
  • Xactimate Level 2 Training
  • Mentorship Through and Even After Graduation
  • In-the-field Adjuster Training
  • Laptop & Tools
  • and More

One of the reasons VAS has such a high graduation rate and job placement is because they won’t just take any student. A successful CAT adjuster must be dedicated, organized, self-motivated, and hardworking. Because of this, VAS only takes students that display these characteristics.

Click on the link below to learn more about VAS insurance adjuster training.

Veteran Adjusting School - Catastrophic Insurance Claims Adjuster Training


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