by Guy Grand


So you are all geared up to make a career move and you have decided to attend a job fair.  Great!  But, are you really prepared to make the most of your experience?  A job fair can be a great place to find your next career, but they can also be overwhelming.  Following these 5 tips to make your job fair experience a success.

1. Do Your Homework

Most job fairs are packed with hundred of recruiters from a variety of different industries.  Take some time to see who has pre-registered for the event and which recruiters you will want to make sure you have a chance to speak with.  You already have a general sense of the career path you are on.  Don’t waste your precious time stopping at every booth to hear about an industry you are not interested in.  Figure out who is going to be there and make sure you hit your top interests first.  Once you have explored all the opportunities knew you were interested in, then go ahead and make the rounds to see if there is something else that might jump out at you.

2. Get There Early

By the time everything is over most recruiters have spoken to hundreds of potential candidates and are simply drained. If you really want to engage with them, get to the job fair right away and talk with them while they are still fresh and eager to speak with you.  You could miss an opportunity for a great career just because you were turned off by the tired and worn out recruiter presenting you with the information.

3. Bring Lots of Copies of your Resume

Because you have done your homework you know will be some specific recruiters for which you will want to have your resume on hand.  But, make sure you also bring a few extra copies. You never know what opportunity will present itself and you will want to be prepared to present yourself.

4. Practice Your Own Pitch

Many people attend a job fair and just listen to recruiter after recruiter.  But, if you really want to make a memorable impact, know what you want to say when you find an opportunity that seems like it would be a good fit for you.  Practice a short, 30 second, mini pitch that covers the high points and will give the recruiter something to remember about you.

Tell them:

  • Who you are..
  • What you are looking for…
  • Why they are a fit for you…
  • Why you are a fit for them…

5. Follow up within 48 Hours

When you leave, a couple of the recruiters will stick out in your mind.  These are the people that you will want to make sure to follow up within the next 48 hours.  If you have made an impression with them, you will want to keep that momentum moving in your favor.  These folks can literally have hundreds of prospects to process after they leave.  Don’t wait to get lost in the wash of job candidates.  Reach out to them and let them know you are serious.

If you can follow these 5 tips when attending your next job fair you’ll be well on your way to finding a successful new career.  Just be prepared and know what you are looking for.  That career is out there waiting for you.

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